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Legal Suit Update

Update on Honey Badger Brigade's intent to pursue legal action against the Calgary Comics and Entertainment Expo.

Upcoming Shows June 14th to 20th

Join the badgers as we discuss Airplane!, Reddit wars, our incipient transdimensionality and Lauren Southern's Sojourn among the Sluts!

Propaganda Level: Goebbels

I've come across multiple examples of "Things feminism has done for men" and started laughing, because they tell a lot of out-right-lies. They'll make the claim that they're advocating something in men's favor: but you go and look it up - and it's not just untrue that they're doing anything beneficial towards men - it's the exact opposite. What they actually lobby for, meaning what they actually do in practice: is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what they claim they are doing

Driving Women’s Agency Out of a Culture

Typhonblue’s law is that he core of the gender role divide is that men are actors and women are acted upon. Has it always been this way in our culture? When I say “our culture”, I need to specify. We are English-speakers and our culture is Anglosphere culture. That culture derives from an ancestral British […]

Amy Everson is a fucking lunatic

Someone saw a violent man hating paranoid delusional feminist artist who parades around in creepy human suits and said to themselves, "Hey let's make a movie about her life."

Suffragettes still can’t save feminism

Will the upcoming Suffragette movie, set in the U.K., offer an accurate representation of history, or is it just another attempt at promoting modern feminism's struggling victim narrative?

Manspreading In All the Wrong Places

Did you know you can be arrested as a man for spreading your legs? Neither did I. Thanks to New Yorks new police for sitting on a subway, two men got arrested for something that is not even a crime. Thank you Feminists.

ISIS, Kayla Mueller, and the value of a human life

ISIS, Kayla Mueller, and the value of a human life Where ISIS and Western media seem to shockingly agree, the MHRM must dissent By Liber Namuh In February it was confirmed that American aid worker Kayla Mueller died sometime during her 18 months of being held by ISIS. The following media quotes tell us a […]