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Emma Sulkowicz, Bunny Boiler

chat is a bunny boiler? It refers to Glenn Close’s character in “Fatal Attraction”, Alex Forrest. Alex Forrest has sex with Dan Gallagher (Michael Douglas) and then starts stalking and harassing him – subjecting him to anti-male shaming and emotional blackmail, pouring acid on his car, sending tapes full of abusive language. At one point […]

Abuser Recognizes Abuse… DURP

Woman makes a ground breaking discovery: if you treat the person you're with like trash by belittling them every chance you get - they're not going to like you very much. As soon as she stopped doing that - she found their relationship improved. Gee - big surprise sweetheart.

12 Ways to Spot a Misandrist

Berit Brogaard has an article in Psychology Today that Observing Libertarian discussed here. It lists 12 different behaviors that identify a man as misogynist. It’s a big ball of idiocy but there is some value to it. The main value I see is what it tells us if we flip the genders. If we flip the […]

Diffusion of Responsibility

Every wonder why a group of people do nothing when a man is a victim, but rush to help when a woman is in trouble? Today we explore that and understand what goes on in someones head when they see something bad happening.

Upcoming Shows May 3rd to 9th

Join the badgers this week as we discuss... futurama! Bomb threats in the United States Capitol! And how damseling kills.

Self Preservation, but From Whom?

Women's daytime talk show gives women advice on how to trap men through betrayal and unethical behavior: women everywhere shrug or cheer. So how can a man protect himself? The only way to actually protect yourself is to disassociate from women altogether. MGTOW. Barring that however, I did define how men can be protected from things like this, and it's quite an exhaustive task.

Reddit Repost: She-Thor and the “Ms. Male Character” Paradox

1. INTRODUCTION Anita Sarkeesian, in her “Tropes vs. Women” series, argued that the practice of creating “Ms. Male Characters” (i.e. gender-flipping a male character into a female character) was sexist. In this, Sarkeesian actually was right; a “Ms. Male Character” ultimately reinforces the core idea behind gender stereotypes. Men are the norm, women are the […]