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Custody and child support, facts vs feminists

Feminists claim that men's rights groups are wrong about discrimination against fathers in family court. How do the arguments they use to support that claim hold up against the facts?

HYPOAGENCY – “Pussy”, “bitch”, “harpy” and “girl”

The behavior of the terms “pussy”, “bitch”, “harpy” and “girl” in the language, including cultural strictures on their use, shows how deeply attached people are to female hypoagency, even those who insist they reject this patriarchal gender norm. There are pejorative uses, in descending degrees of pejoration, of all four terms – for instance “girl” […]

Upcoming Shows(March15th-21st) on Honey Badger Radio

Badger Pod Nerdcast 28: Going on a Feel Trip Join the badgers as we discuss Studio Ghibli films! Host: Brian Martinez Participants: Mike(DoctorRandomercam), Alison Tieman, Rachel Edwards, Anna Cherry Date: March 16th, 2015 Time: 5 PM Eastern   BadgerPod Gamergate # 8: Twelve Angry Boobs Join the badgers as we discuss the various happenings in Gamergate, […]

More tradcon misandry, this time aimed at men who don’t marry

I ran across an article posted to the men’s rights subreddit bemoaning the collapse of society, this time because young men were failing to grow up and marry. The article quoted the former director of the Beverley LaHaye Institute, Janice Shaw Crouse. Judge for yourself where they fall on the political and cultural spectrum. These […]

O, My Soggy Knees!

Psychology Today posted an article about ways you can detect a misogynist man: I very characteristically felt inspired by that psychology today article. I decided to take the Pepsi challenge and compare myself to this article. Time for some inflection, and accountability. Am I secretly a misogynist?!


You’re an adult speaker of English; what does the word “effeminate” convey to you? A man who acts too girly, right? It’s the main gay stereotype, the flaming queen in bright colors and loud patterns with exaggeratedly feminine voice mannerisms and florid Of course “effeminate” is a word almost always applied only to men. After […]