Breaking the Narrative Episode 72: Zero Tolerance Rules Don’t Work. How Teachers Bully Students!

If you are familiar with the video of Keaton Jones posted by his mother meant to raise awareness about bullying late last year then you might realize why I am covering this today. For those unfamiliar with the story or had forgotten, I will get to that in a minute.…

Liar, liar – Accountability gap exposed | HBR Talk 21

Join the badgers as we discuss social and legal tolerance for women lying as a factor in the accountability gap! Tune in at 8PM EST!

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UK Police Withholds Evidence Again; Is the TV Show FRIENDS Problematic? | HBR News 142

Join the badgers as we discuss the UK Police doing what they do best (which isn’t their jobs), Margaret Atwood might be getting red-pilled on modern feminism, and people try to ruin the immortal sitcom “Friends”! Tune in at 6PM EST!…

Breaking The Narrative Episode 71:A Brand New Era! Japan’s Hopeful Future?

Well happy new year everyone! I apologize for my absence, I’ve had multiple family and health issues during the holidays to deal with and am just now getting back onto things. As such I’m thinking of warming back up on something fun and positive.…

Crime and punishment three – revenge of the accountability gap | HBR talk 20

Join the badgers as we discuss the intersection between the accountability gap, financial obligations imposed on noncustodial parents, and wrongful incarceration. Tune in at 8PM EST!

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Crime and punishment too: Son of accountability gap – HBR Talk 19

Join the badgers as we discuss the intersection between the accountability gap, legal responses to intimate partner violence complaints, and divorce and custody battles. Tune in at 8PM EST!

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Positive Improvement’s takedown of @TakeDownMRAs shows the duplicity of the MRM’s opponents

Chances are, if you advocate for men’s human rights on Twitter you have run into an annoying twit going by the handle @TakeDownMRAs. Chances are, you’ve caught “him” in a bad faith argument or two, or worse, been dragged into the maze of logic fallacies he substitutes for discussion points, maybe even concluded from the bizarre shifts in mood and rhetoric coming from the account that it is run by a group rather than an individual.…

#MeToo: Accountability gap amplified – HBR Talk 17

Join the Honey Badgers for HBR Talk’s next installation in the Accountability Gap series. Today we’ll be talking about the gender gap in personal accountability where sexual conduct is concerned. Tune in @8pm Eastern

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