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Honey Badger Radio: Upcoming shows July 26th – August 1st

Badger Pod Nerdcast 42: Canuck Yuk Join the badgers as we discuss Canadian Humour. Or lack of humour. Whichever. Host: Brian Martinez Participants: Mike(DoctorRandomercam), Hannah Wallen, Rachel Edwards, Alison Tieman Date: July 27th, 2015 Time: 5 PM Eastern   Nerdrevolt Gamergate 23 Join the badgers as we discuss… the latest happenings in the collective Nerd […]

The One Good Man

What compels men to see all other men--men in other cultures, men in history, men in their own cultures--as poison for women and themselves as the only good man. The only man that loves his mother, wants to protect his wife and see the best for his daughters? The original version of Alison Tieman's "One Good Man."

Upcoming Shows July 12th to 18th

White knights! Games! Games with white knights! DrRandomerCam rages about Phil Collins. Blow up a cop car and feed me a kitten! Is it real? Or is it just an impression of a show?

#GGinMarietta, take two

The first time Zen Men tried to set up a #gamergate meetup, social justice ideologues bullied the general manager of their chosen venue, Battle & Brew, into cancelling the reservation. This time, Zen Men has take added steps to ensure there will be no such harassment. They’ve set up a rendezvous point at Shaw Park […]

Some random thoughts on recent events

The Seattle Pride parade was the Sunday before last, and some thoughts have been knocking around in my head since then. The events of the week before were earthshaking. The last time I felt the ground move beneath me like this was when the Berlin Wall came down and the Warsaw Pact passed into history. […]

I am not an animal!

This is what it means to be "male" in this society. We can be persecuted with gender biased laws. Violated and then extorted by those who rape us. Defrauded by lies which are then enforced by the courts. Then, when we think we've been denied every possible right, and dehumanized on every possible level. Just when the thought occurs.... "we are not animals,we deserve to be treated like a human beings."