Dust Up Over Make Up; Joe Rogan & Brett Weinstein on Vice & Peterson – HBR Debate 2


Join us on HBR Debate as we respond to the response from Joe Rogan and Brett Weinstein towards the Vice interview of Jordan Peterson regarding make-up in the workplace. What are the rules? Tune in @2pm Eastern

Original video:

Vice interview:

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The neverending sob story: Accountability gap in the workplace – HBR Talk 26

Join us on HBR Talk as we take on the emoooootional laaaaabor of cleaning up feminism’s false gendering of worker’s issues. Tune in @8pm Eastern!

Transcript for opening monologue: https://www.patreon.com/posts/17148940

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Breaking the Narrative Episode 76: Is It The 90’s Again? Really Governor Bevin?

If you’ve been paying attention to the School Shooting hysteria of the past few weeks what with Florida and even the Benton shootings I’ve covered then you may already know how much experience I have in addressing these issues.…

Accountability is totally gay! – HBR Talk 25

Listen as we discuss feminism’s wimminworsting approach to human sexuality and its relationship to human rights issues. Join us @8pm Eastern!


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Breaking the Narrative Episode 75: Its Been Some Time AniFem. The Art and the Artist Argument!

Many times over the years many of us have been tackling these issues we have been dealing with Feminism and Social Justice’s complete hatred and attempt to pervert and overtake artistic endeavors and hobbies, the factors of enjoyment of life, likely due to the fact that so many men are motivated if not by family then by what gives them respite.…